For Not Posting “RIP” To The Victim, Public Questioned Samantha !!


Samantha is one of the prominent South Indian actresses who never shied away from expressing her opinions in Public. Be it right or wrong, she always gave fitting replies to her trollers and abusers. Now the actress has posted her opinion on the encounter of four accused that took place regarding the rape and murder case of a 26 year old Veterinary doctor.

While reconstructing the crime in the place where they burnt the victim, the four accused Naveen, Asif, Shiva, Chennakeshavulu tried to escape from the place which resulted in Police officers killing them in encounter. The incident happened between 6 and 6 30 in the morning of Friday.

Among many celebrities, Samantha also posted a tweet praising the police officers of Telangana state. She wrote “I ❤️ TELANGANA . Fear is a great solution and sometimes the only solution .”

Check out her tweet here :

On seeing this tweet, many acknowledged it and said that it is a right decision from the officers of Police department. However few of the followers blamed the actress for not posting any condolence message when the death of the victim reported. “You love Telangana since they encountered the accused now.. where were you when the incident happened ? Why didn’t you questioned about justice ? Feared for Telangana govt/KTR ?” wrote one of the twitter user in her comment section.

In a way of replying to such comments, Samantha posted another tweet saying that posting one condolence tweet would not free her from the guilt of losing a girl. “I didn’t say anything about the incident when it happened because every message I received accusing me of not paying my condolences to the victims was a reminder of how little I have done to help the women in my society and one tweet wasn’t going to free me of that guilt …”

Check out the tweet of the actress about the same here :

A 26-year-old doctor was gangraped and murdered in Shamshabad by the above mentioned men on Wednesday night of last week. According to the Cyberabad Police, the four accused punctured the rear wheel of her scooter, offered to help her, dragged her to a secluded spot close to a toll plaza and gangraped her.

This news created huge outrage in country India as many people expressed their anger through hashtags and tweets. People with wide attention such as celebrities and sports personalities also reacted on the shattering crime in a way of seeking justice.


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