For Thrashing “AADAI” Movie, This Young Actor Got Extremely Angry On “BLUE SATTA” Maaran !!


After lot of struggles, the film “Aadai” which was directed by Rathnakumar, “Meyatha Maan” fame, has hit the screens yesterday. The actress expressed her joy over her film in which she acted with immense boldness, getting released in big screens.

She even involved in the issues and visited the spot personally to sort out the problem which is holding the film from getting released. Not many heroines did it in the past.

As soon as the film released, many people who watched the movie expressed their views, especially the movie reviewers of Kollywood town. “Blue Satta” Maaran who is known for his negative reviews didn’t spare this movie as well. In his review he stated that the movie has many flaws and the makers didn’t have a proper story to tell which ended as only a preach. “Being a heroine centric movie, the characterization of the heroine is a biggest flaw in it” said the reviewer.

“Actor M.G.R who is having a large number of followers made awareness through his every movie. Through his movies he conveyed many messages such as not to smoke or drink, have to look after our parents, one must stand against injustice etc. Is there any one person who reformed after seeing it on screen ?? Do you expect people to listen to your opinion who has not listened even MGR’s??” he asked the “Aadai” movie crew.

“Blue Sattai” Maaran is one of the prominent movie reviewers of Kollywood films. He is very well known for his rural slang, funny phrases, short stories and real life incidents in his movie reviews. For his unique style of movie reviewing, the man who always wears blue shirt has a separate set of fan following and his youtube channel Tamil talkies enjoys more than 9 lakh subscribers.

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However, this review from Maaran does not impressed young and emerging supporting actor Ramesh Tilak. The actor who is known for his appearance in Soodhu Kavvum and Kaala, in his official twitter account posted a statement. Check out it here :

His caption for this post read as “#aadai Padam nethu evening show than release aachu,adadey adhukulla vandhutaangale. #inthenameofreview #especiallyfewexperts”

Check out his post here :

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What do you think on this review and Ramesh’s reply to it ?? Comment your views below !!


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