Forget Cash, Card Or COD, Amazon Will Soon Let You Make Payments Via SELFIES!


If a recent patent application filed by Amazon comes to fruition, the e-commerce giant will have you paying with a selfie, not cash or card.

The October patent application uses a payment method using selfies. Buyers will need to register with 2 photos, a selfie and one which has them blinking, smiling or tilting their head to confirm its a real person and not a photo.
software, as it “can often be spoofed by holding a picture of the user in front of the camera, as the resulting two-dimensional image can look substantially the same whether taken of the user or a picture of the user”.
Entering passwords on devices is neither enjoyable nor safe, and the instant nature of ‘blink, smile or tilt” can’t be cracked by hackers.
Mastercard has already confirmed that it will accept selfies and fingerprints instead of passwords when verifying IDs in online payments. 


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