Forget Game Of Thrones,We Need Ponniyin Selvan Television Series

Half a century has passed, yet Ponniyin selvan remains the undisputed historic epic second to none.

Chendan Amudhan is being crowned by Arunmozhivarman – Manian’s painting

This politics-centred thriller is revered and loved by all irrespective of their age factor. It has something to be given out to everyone who scratches its surface. For young women, it gives scope to fantasize on Vanthiyadevan & Arulmozhi. For elderly people, they get enchanted with Sembiyan Maadevi’s wisdom and Anbil Aniruddha Brahmarayar’s intelligence. For the men out there, it delights them with Kundhavai’s shrewdness, Poonguzali’s wit and Nandhini’s beauty. To put a smile on everyone’s face we have the humorous-sharp-first-grade-spy Azhwarkadiyan who acts as catalyst to keep up the pace. And to satisfy the masses who expects twists and turns, it puts to front the greatest unsolved conspiracy in Tamizh history, the murder of the valiant crown prince Aadhithya Karikalan.
The historic art also has sound supporting cast Sundara Cholar, Mandhaakini, Vaanadhi, Chendan Amudhan, Pazhuvettarayar, Sambuvarayar , the supposed-conspirators Ravidasan & his clan.

By following the historic facts from Neelakanta Shastrigal, this man, Kalki Krishnamurthy has written an unsurpassed book which controls the pulse of the readers. Be it the revelation of Nandhini’s identity or the meeting to conquer the throne in Sambuvaraiyar’s palace, Kalki keeps up the dashing speed at which the story travels. Every character of the novel is drafted with utmost craftsmanship that you can actually read the tale million times and the wanting to know about them increases every-single-time. The love for the Chola clan is still persisting only because of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s unflinching work and passion.

Ponniyin selvan illustration by artist A.Murugesan

Too many great personalities, from MGR to Maniratnam, were enchanted with this magnificent story that they tried to make movies and TV series out of it. Magic Lantern was successful in staging it as a play. Makkal TV tried to make a television serial out of it, but eventually dropped it. Soundarya Ashwin proposed to release it online on pay-per-episode conditions under Eros International banner.

This story lacks nothing and it is purely historic. Unveiling the story of greatest empire on earth can bag great recognition to Tamizhans and Tamizh culture in global arena. And not to forget, originally published in 1950, the vast knowledge of Kalki is so evident that he had actually referenced Calpurnia’s lines from Julius Ceaser into PS, “When beggars die there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes” to notify the death of crown prince Aadhithyan in advance. Ponniyin selvan is definitely a gem in the crown of tamizh history and its pride.

GOT may come and GOT may go, but Ponniyin selvan will stay on forever. 


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