From Kamal Haasan To Manijima Mohan, Here’s How Everyone Reacted On Nayanthara-Radha Ravi Issue !!


For Radha Ravi’s derogatory speech against actress Nayanthara, Social media erupted and came in for her support. Starting from Chinmayi who is a representative of MeToo movement in South India to Nayanthara’s boyfriend Vignesh Shivan everyone condemned Radha Ravi for his abusive speech against the leading actress.

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In his speech the veteran actor said that Nayanthara is acting as Ghost in Tamil films and acting as Sita in other languages as well. “At our times makers would cast an actress like K.R Vijaya in a role of a goddess but nowadays they can cast anyone irrespective of their personal character. The combination of Tamil words he used to express his thoughts added fuel to his misogynist speech. He said “Paatha odane Kumbidravangalayum podalam, Paatha odane Koopidravangalyum Podalam” ( One can cast who is respectable and one can cast someone who sleeps around)

This instigated many celebrities to raise voice against the actor. Check out some of their statements regarding this here :

Kamal Haasan

Manjima Mohan 

Tapsee Pannu

Divya Darshini 


Anchor Ramya 


Radhika sarathkumar

90 ML Director Anita


Gayathri raguramm 

Director Aadhav 

Varalakshmi sarathkumar

Apart from them many fans of Nayanthara and press people also supporting Nayanthara through their tweets. What do you think on the statement of Radha Ravi ?? Comment your views below !!


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