Girl Seeks Justice In Twitter For Her Sister Who Murdered For Dowry !!


A hashtag #JusticeForKirti is trending in Twitter after Pallavi Kaushal, sister of a young woman named as Kirti, posted a tweet accusing three people Vipin Kumar, Neetu and Rudrakshi for murdering her sister due to dowry issues. Despite laws banning the dowry practice in the country, it still continues to take place and causing deaths which is a shame for our country. The incident happened in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh.

Reports suggests that Pallavi Kaushal said that her sister Kirti kaushal died by hanging on 3rd of May month, allegedly a murder for dowry. Pallavi further said that the three accused Vipin, Neetu and Rudrakshi haven’t got arrested by the police officers despite of an FIR. Now, it turns out, all the accused absconding since the incident took place.

“We are all in lockdown and we have been trying to locate the whereabouts of the accused. We assure that they will be arrested as soon as the lockdown is lifted.” Ashok Kumar, circle officer said. Seeking justice for her sister, Pallavi Kaushal posted a tweet in twitter with a hashtag saying #Justice for Kriti

“My sister Kirti kaushal was murdered for dowry on 03rd of may. The accused Vipin Kumar, Neetu and Rudrakshi r still not arrested by Sambhal police and C.O Chandausi Ashok Kumar Singh. But now we want justice for sister. All accused should be arrested” read the tweet of Pallavi which is now being widely shared in the online platform.

This tweet of Pallavi blew up that Tamil actress and director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is constantly posting tweet about the issue to create awareness. She worried of the fact that she will be criticized by the online users if she raise voice for victim.

She further accused women for such deaths. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan believed that Women who bring up egoistic men and support rituals and practices that celebrate gender inequality are the reason behind such loses.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan further exposed how many deaths are taking place in the country due to dowry demands and blamed the people who troll, abuse, discriminate, victimise other women for the death of Kriti.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #Justice For Kirti is trending in twitter to seek justice for the murder of the young girl.


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