Guess How Much Every Avenger Got Paid For Their Role In Avengers : Infinity War ?? : OMG !! THAT’S HUGE !!


Avengers: Infinity War is BIG budget film and earlier, it was said that Marvel is going to spend billions on it. Marvel is indeed very huge when it comes to spending on movies.

Since there are too many characters in this part, it is obvious that the budget is more than that of previous versions of Avengers. For Marvel, spending is easy because costs are easily recovered through Box Office collections.

Avengers: Infinity War is not only a hit in India, but all across the globe. The main question that we have in mind is, “How much was each actor paid for playing his role in the movie?”. Since this is an expensive movie, we are sure that actors are also paid wholeheartedly.

We are not sure of the exact amount, but on the basis of reports, we have compiled the list for you. Have a look;


1. Mark Ruffalo- The Hulk

This green fellow caused immense destruction and is a favorite of many. If reports are to be believed, he earned approximately 33-35 crores for his role.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch- Doctor Strange

Considering his popularity, he was paid a bit less. Reports say that Marvel paid him Rs 33 crores for his role.

3. Tom Holland – Spider Man

He’s the youngest of the lot and luckily, he got a great exposure with Avengers: Infinity War. He’s reportedly paid Rs 20 crores for his role.

4. Josh Brolin – Thanos

He enjoyed maximum screen time in comparison with other stars. However, his pay was not more than Rs 35-40 crores.

5. Chris Patt – Star Lord

He enjoys global popularity, but coming to his role in Avengers: Infinity War, he was paid around Rs 35 crores.

6. Robert Downey Jr.- Iron Man

Everyone wanted to know his pay cheque because he always charges super-high for his movies. In fact, many thought that he’s the highest paid actor in MCU. If reports are to be believed, he got a whopping Rs 334 crores for playing Iron Man in Infinity War.
7. Tom Hiddleston – Loki

He was paid approximately Rs 54 crores for his role. However, his screen-time was very less, which is why the pay looks on a higher side, isn’t it?

8. Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther

As compared to other stars, he wasn’t paid much. It is reported that he got an amount of Rs 15-20 crores.

9. Chris Hemsworth – Thor

Thor: Ragnarok was super successful, which is why he got paid on a higher side in Avengers: Infinity War. It is said that he took away Rs 80 crores for his role.

10. Chris Evans: Captain America

We thought he would be the highest paid one, but sadly, he isn’t. He was paid Rs 53 crores for his role.

11. Scarlett Johansson: Black Widow

She’s very famous in Hollywood and has a huge fan following. She earned a whopping Rs 133 crores for her role of Black Widow.

12. Vin Diesel – Groot

He’s no doubt the highest paid Avenger. He has delivered many successful movies at the Box Office. Reports say that he charged Rs 360 crores for his role.

These figures might not be authentic, but as we mentioned above, it is purely on the basis of reports.

What you think of their pays ?? Do They Deserve it ?


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