Hardik Pandya In Deep Trouble: Police To File FIR Against him – Order From Jodhpur Court


A court in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur has directed the police to file a First Investigation Report against the cricketer for the alleged comment, which is about the architect of Indian constitution, Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar.  Hardik Pandya could face charges for an alleged tweet which is no longer in his twitter timeline.

According to petitioner D R Meghwal, Pandya, on December 26, 2017, posted a comment on his twitter account, which insulted Ambedkar and hurt the sentiments of the people of his community.

Dr. Ambedkar, The architect of Indian constitution.

Mr Meghwal, who says he is a member of the Rashtriya Bhim Sena, has reportedly said in his complaint that such a comment by a leading cricketer is derogatory and sets a bad example. The court has asked the police to register a case under a law on Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.

“Which Ambedkar ??? The one who drafted a cross law and constitution or the one who spread the disease called reservation in the country,” is what the alleged tweet of Pandya is.

Meghwal had went to Luni Police station (Jodhpur) to file an FIR but the officials there told him that FIR can’t be filed against such a big cricketer.

After this, Meghwal approached the court; Jodhpur court ordered an FIR against the cricketer.

Not only Pandya, but the court even ordered a lawsuit to be filed against Rajendra Singh (Luni police station incharge), as he had refused to lodge the complaint against him.

a popular cricketer like Pandya has not only attempted to insult and disregard the constitution and the architect of the constitution deliberately but has also hurt the sentiments of the community he belongs to said Meghwal, an advocate by profession.

“I learnt about Pandya’s comment through social media in January. It appeared quite derogatory for a figure like Ambedkar and was an attempt to spread hatred and create division in the society,By doing so, he has committed a serious crime and hurt the sentiments of my entire community,” Meghwal said, adding that Pandya should be given adequate and suitable punishment for his “crass act”.


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