Hashtags Against Periyar And Modi Are Trending On Their Birthday!!


Two important people are celebrating their birthday on 17th September. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Periyar E V Ramasamy are sharing their birthday. Many people across the nation are celebrating their birthdays. Hashtags have been trending under their names.

Periyar has been one of the pioneers of great movements in Tamil Nadu. He is celebrated by everyone across the nation. His principles sparked a new era in Tamil Nadu. Many eminent leaders emerged following his ideologies. He is an atheist and a huge number of people have been impressed by his ideologies. His reforms brought massive changes in the state. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu announced that his birthday will be observed as Social Justice Day in Tamil Nadu hereon.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is celebrating his birthday on the same day too. Many of them have posted wishes for his birthday.

However, on Twitter, a rivalry between the followers of these leaders is going on. The hashtags #மோடியாவது_மயிராவது #பெரியாராவது_மயிராவது are trending on Twitter.


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