Having only Coconut Water, This Guy Survived 30 Days & Reduced 14 Kg !! Unbelievable !!


It all started when two young men, Anuj and Ishant, started their road trip and decided to cover the whole of India with NO MONEY at all.

They danced in trains and did other odd jobs to earn money on the go.

But this apparently wasn’t exciting enough for them, and so they decided to travel through Orissa on just coconut water for one month.

The ’30 Days Coconut Water Fast’, as they call it, started almost two months ago.

It was an insane and a really difficult task and hence it made total sense for Ishant to not be able to continue beyond three days.

They documented the whole journey with pictures and posted them on their Instagram account.

Day 30/30 Kal to khana khaunga! Oh ho ho ho!

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To keep themselves busy, they would talk to strangers, play games with them and even go to schools to talk about their trip.

They had their days planned out in advance sometimes and they included all the fun stuff.

Thanks to this ‘strict diet’, Anuj managed to lose 14 kgs in one month and announced it with THIS picture.

The two are now planning for another trip and we are probably more excited than them.

All images from sirfnariyal.



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