“His Double Meaning Talks & Body Contacts” Amala Paul Accused Director Susi Ganesan !! SHOCKING !!


Earlier Independent filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has shared a shocking incident happened to her when she used to work as a TV presenter. Last year, when a popular Malayalam actress was abducted, Leena actually shared this story of how filmmaker Susi Ganesan harassed her in 2005.

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Leena says that in 2005 after an interview with Susi Ganesan, she waited outside the studio for auto and the filmmaker invited her to get into his car so that he can drop her on the way. However, Susi is said to have snatched her mobile and threw it somewhere in the car.

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“He pressed the center lock button of the car, snatched and threw my mobile. Susi Ganesan threatened me to come to his house and I was petrified,” said Leena who politely asked, begged and shouted at the filmmaker to leave her. “Later, the small knife which I had in my handbag helped me and finally, Susi Ganesan allowed to step out of the car. I didn’t tell this story to my family members because they wouldn’t have allowed me to go to work. Further, I also felt that Susi Ganesan might put a full stop to my career with his influence,” recalled Leena. Though Leena shared this post in 2017, no one from the film industry has taken this allegation seriously.

Now Amala Paul, the actress who worked with Susi Ganesan in the film Thiruttu Payale-2 posted a shocking statement.  In a statement published through her Twitter handle, the actress narrated her own experience of working on a project with Ganesan. Calling the director a man with “a twisted set of moral values and utterly low respect for women”, Amala said she could understand how an aspiring director like Leena could make for an easy target.

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Talking about filming Thiruttu Payale 2 with Susi Ganesan, the actress wrote: “Despite being the lead actress for Thiruttu Payale 2, I was subjected to double meaning talks, misrepresented offers and unchivalrous bodily contacts. This pretty much made my experience of shooting TP2 a mentally fatiguing one. I can totally understand what she could have been subjected to” she stated.

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Leena Manimekalai who was subjected in Amala Paul’s statement commented on this post as well. She pointed out the errors in the release of Amala Paul.

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Update : Amala Paul received call from Susi ganesan and she was tweeted about their phone call conversation as well. Check out her most recent tweet here :

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