Husband Stops Taking Bath Since Lockdown & Forcing Wife To Have S*X !!


People of country are forced to stay in home to avoid spreading the deadly virus COVID 19. The lockdown period has been extended by the Indian government till May 3rd. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister of our country on the final day of initial lockdown period which is 14 of April. The decision was taken as the number of positive corona cases in India are increasing day by day in large manner. So far more than 10,000 positive corona cases has been reported in the country.

Right from high profile politicians to cinema celebrities, everyone are requesting public people to stay at home to avoid getting infected from Corona. People are finding ways to spend time and few are spending their time productively. We are seeing people growing habits as well. But this recent reports has exposed the hidden side of the lockdown situation. A 31 year old Bangalore based woman seeked police help to save her from her husband who stopped taking bath since the lockdown started. She alleged that her husband is forcing her to have sex with him.

As the entire country is slowly learning how to maintain social distancing, the number of domestic violence cases are emerging in large number. Mental depression and Starvation are the two major problems caused by this Corona outbreak. Many women are seeking help from police department as they got stuck with their abusive partners in their houses. This woman from Vijayanagar of Bangalore contacted the women’s helpline Parihar and registered complaint against her husband. In her complaint which came to light on Sunday, she said that she was being subjected to mental abuse by her husband.

In her complaint, she accused her husband for not taking bath since the lockdown announcement and for forcing her to have sex with him. The woman’s husband was a shopkeeper who refused to open his shop since March 24 alleging that he have no funds. He stopped bathing since March 24, according to her complaint, reported Timesnow news.

Though she constantly tried to make him understand the importance of being hygienic during this viral outbreak, the man refused to lend his ear to her. The man even physically assaulted the 31 year old woman when she refused to have physical relationship with him, TOI report says.

Senior counsellor BS Saraswathi said that their 9 year old daughter started following the footsteps of her father by not taking bath. “We explained him the importance of hygiene” she said. This is not the first time a woman seeking police help to save her from her husband. Recently, a woman in Banaswadi assaulted by her husband and thrown out of house for not making Briyani. She also approached Parihar’s help complaining about the increased workload during this lockdown.


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