Hussain Converted Manimegalai Into A Muslim ??


Indian Celebrities from all over the social media platforms wished “Eid Mubarak” to all the brothers and sisters who belongs to Muslim community on Ramzan day. Some of them even wished “Happy Ramzan” by wearing muslim attire as a sign of expressing love towards the special day.

TV star Manimegalai who is known for her appearance in Sun music also uploaded a post with her boyfriend cum husband Hussain to wish “Happy Ramzan” to her followers. Manimegalai enjoys more than 20 lakh followers across social media platforms. Wishing her followers on the special day, the sun music host added a picture of herself with her husband in muslim attire and said that she asked Biriyani to her friends in the past but now they are asking her for Biriyani as she got married to a muslim.

“Eid Mubarak Mosque Munadi lam Na en friends kitta briyani kepen Ramzan ku ipo ellarum enkitta briyani kekaranga, Oreyyy Nagaichuvaiya iruku po” read her tweet.

Check out her post below :

On seeing this post from Manimegalai, one of her follower whose bio says that she is a “Sangi” said that Hussain converted Manimeghalai into a muslim. “He somehow managed to convert her, This is called as Love Jihad” read the tweet of the user.

Manimegalai, while replying to this tweet said that there is no requirement for conversion to wish for a festival. “Hussain comes with me to temple and we also celebrate Ramzan. Don’t bring your confusions here.” she said.

To one more follower who asked her to post similar picture on Diwali festival, Manimegalai said that she is posting it for past two years. “We even went to temple recently to celebrate Pongal. I will feel happy if you see my Diwali pictures as deep as you see my Ramzan picture” her tweet said.

Check out her tweet here :

here’s the post Manimegalai mentioned :

Manimegalai has got hitched to her boyfriend Hussain, on December 2017, after failing to convince her father for their love. Their marriage took place at register marriage as an immediate effect of Manimeghalai’s father’s reaction. However, the couple is leading a happy life since then and they are excelling in their respective field as well. Hussain is an aspiring dancing choreographer who is currently working as an assistant dance choreographer in Kollywood.


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