“I Felt Cheap & Used” Mia Khalifa Shared About The Trauma She Went Through !!


A tweet thread shared by Mia Khalifa, a former pornographic actress, in her official twitter account about the experience she had with a high profile photographer, depicted the difficulties faced by every women in the world, due to some choices she made in her own life.

Mia Khalifa said that she chose to reveal about this incident now, as she feels safe now and needed to unload some things that have haunted her during her brief stint in the pornographic industry. Mia Khalifa, a popular face among the youngsters across the world, is currently boasting her six packs through her Instagram account in which she enjoys more than 2 crores followers. Mia Khalifa who is known for working in the pornagraphic industry for a long time, left it after finding herself in a controversy for performing sexual acts wearing the Islamic hijab in a video. After leaving that career, Mia transformed into a social media personality and webcam model. She is also doing sports commentary.

Now, the incident Mia shared took place during her controversial hijab video went viral. At that time, a man named as Jordan Sibbs, executive of Bang bros, a pornographic film studio, asked her to meet a photographer who works in Vogue, a world famous magazine for women. Mia who got excited while imagining herself getting featured in Vogue magazine, accepted to meet him.

The photographer “Christian” took her alone to the roof of the building of Bang Bros office. Mia who felt that something was odd, conflicted herself and believed that she is going to be featured in VOGUE. Mia was handed a hijab, & two replica semi-automatic rifles to pose for the photographs. While posing, the photographer started touching Mia in an inappropriate way, in the name of correcting her body for the pose.

After finishing the session, Mia who was about to leave, asked to remove her clothes and pose against the wall by the photographer. “I know it might be easy for you to say “you had sex on camera, what’s the big deal?” But you need to understand the level of fear a woman has when she feels powerless.” Mia wrote in her post. “I dissociated. Instantly. I was fucking terrified. I felt cheap and used, powerless and demeaned.”

Mia further went on to explain in detail about the trauma she went through with that photographer. She said that the incident haunted her for six long years.

Here’s the thread she shared :

This thread from Mia once again proved that consent is important from a woman, no matter which field or profession belongs or what way she chose to make money. Comment your views on high profile personalities abusing their position to lure women !!


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