“I Lost All Respect For Raju” – Netizens After Watching Recent Episode


Bigg Boss season 5 successfully entered its fourth week after seeing two important evictions and a walk out. Contestants who took part in the show, has already started involving in verbal spats over various issues. Last week, as expected, Priyanka was warned for communicating with each other iin a secret way. Kamal Haasan condemned Abishek for the way he played the “coin” task. Now, as the fourth week got progressed, the “coin” task continued and a problem exploded after Suruthi decided to steal Thamarai’s coin.

While Thamarai Selvi went to change clothes in the dressing room, Suruthi went inside and took her coin with the presence of Pavni. Finding that her coin got missed, Thamarai Selvi confronted Suruthi and said that what Suruthi did was immoral. Contestants such as Raju, Annachi, Ciby, Varun came in raising voice for Thamarai Selvi. During the argument, Raju asked Pavni who was defending Suruthi whether she would keep mum if he steals her coin while she was changing clothes.

The words Raju used while making his point to Pavni made a number of viewers feel that he crossed his boundary a bit. A social media user said “No men will ask a women, appo nee dress mathum bodhu naan varalama for the sake of argument too. But some men can openly ask, today known that” in his tweet with a many others posting similar tweets.

Watch the video below :

Few even expressed their opinion against Raju for the way he asked the coin back from Sururthi. Check out some of such tweets below :

As far as today’s promo is concerned, Pavni and Suruthi are still discussing about what Raju said. Suruthi could be seen expressing her displeasure over Raju asking the coin back saying that he gave it to Thamarai.


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