IIT Madras Exam Question Paper Asked Students To Help Dhoni In Tonight’s Match !! Check !!


The knockout stages of Indian Premier League 2019 begins with a blockbuster clash. It’s one of the most intense rivalries in the nascent history of the T20 league. Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians or as Rohit Sharma puts it, the “El Clasico” of IPL.

Interestingly, one of the two three-time champions will inch closer to their fourth title after Tuesday’s encounter at the MA Chidambaram Stadium. Nonetheless, the luxury of having finished inside the top two spots gives the losing side an extra shot at reaching the final.

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The craze for the match is increasing to a whole new level in Chennai to an extent the Indian Institute Of Technology created a question regarding the match which is taking place tonight.

The Indian Institute of Technology, famously known as IIT, is hailed as one of the best engineering institutes of the world. However, they crossed all limits of staying up to date with the trends when they popped up a question related to the much awaited Qualifier of IPL 2019 between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in the BT1020 Material and Energy Balances paper.

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In their BT1020 and Energy Balance paper, the institute asked students a question based on the first big qualifier in the IPL playoffs. The question was, “Dew can play a major role in day-night matches. Excessive dew in the outfield makes the ball wet. For spinners, the challenge is to grip the wet ball and get it to impart spin. For fast bowlers, it is difficult to hit the desired length. Hence, this can put the fielding team at a disadvantage. During IPL 2019, Chennai Super Kings are likely to play a qualifier at Chepauk Stadium on May 7. As per the weather forecast on May 7, the relative humidity in Chennai is expected to be 70 per cent. The temperature at the start of the game is expected to be 39 degrees. At the beginning of the second innings, the temperature is expected to drop to 27 degrees. Based on this info, if Dhoni wins the toss would you recommend batting or fielding first. Justify your answer.”

The question went viral once the ICC posted the question and congratulated professor Vignesh for creating the question. It was retweeted by Chennai Super Kings Official twitter page as well.

This led many fans to comment their own views on the decision which is going to be taken by MS Dhoni if he wins the toss :

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