Internet Demands Rajinikanth’s Statement On Sathankulam Lockup Murder Issue !!


As the entire state is in utter shock on knowing about what happened in Sathankulam, Thoothukudi, people who are using social media wants Superstar actor Rajinikanth to open on this issue. The main reason behind their demand is an earlier statement of the actor in which he condemned people who attacked police officers during Thoothukudi Sterlite protest.

Massive protest broke out in Thoothukudi district as soon as the report of Jayaraj and Fenix Immanuel’s death surfaced. Police have suspended two sub inspectors and transferred an Inspector, reacting to the incident. However, Protesters demanding for a highest possible punishment for the police officials who caused the death of the father and son.

Jayaraj (59) and his son Fenix Immanuel (31) were running a mobile shop named as APJ in Sathankulam town. On Friday, Jayaraj closed his shop around 8 : 15 PM and police personnel from the Sathankulam station, who were on patrol duty, reportedly pulled him up for running the shop beyond the permitted time. Mother and wife of the victims has alleged that Police abused both of them and attacked them brutally.

“Inspector Sridhar ordered the police officers and volunteers to break my son’s leg. They made him stand against the wall and beaten him in the backside. His skin torn and blood leaked but they didn’t stop. When my husband raised voice against it, he got beaten in the same way by the same officers. My husband and son were locked up together without clothes” Selvarani said in her complaint letter.

The police officials even faked a medical certificate with the help of a doctor to produce them in front of magistrate. When they were locked up in a sub-jail in Kovilpatti, Fenix died on the same night and his father died the next morning. Several people protesting against the police brutality in this case and Politicians and few actors were also raised voice against the atrocious behaviour of the police officials.

Now, many people started demanding Superstar Rajinikanth to open on this issue. The main reason behind this demand is his earlier statement in which he supported uniformed police officers. On 11th April of 2018, Rajinikanth posted a tweet saying that public attacking uniformed police officers is the height of violence. “The country will be in danger if this kind of violence is not prohibited immediately. Strict laws must be created to punish people who are attacking police officers who are wearing their uniform” read the tweet posted.

The actor also said the same thing during a press conference that took place two years ago. Now, many people demanding Rajinikanth to provide a statement about the police brutality that took place in Sathankulam. Check out some of their posts below :

Rajinikanth is yet to react to this issue whereas his alleged rival in cinema industry Kamal Haasan and many other political parties have condemned this act of the police officials.


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