Internet Divided After Rajinikanth’s Press Meet !!


Superstar Rajinikanth has attended his first ever official press meet after his announcement on his political entry. In his press meet, Rajinikanth said three important agenda of the party he is going to initiate. “December 31, 2017 is the first day I announced about my political entry. Whenever they asked about my political entry, I used to point out at God. So I believe people won’t say that I have been talking about entering politics for past 25 years” Rajinikanth said in his press meet.

Talking about the three important points, Rajinikanth said that he wants to change the political system of Tamilnadu. “There are more than 50,000 party positions in Tamilnadu. That kind of positions are needed during the election time. But after the election, a party doesn’t need that much employees. I have seen many politicians using their power to earn money in illegal ways. It will cause danger to the lives of people. After coming to the power, I wish to work with limited number people”


After that Rajinikanth insisted on bringing youths to his party. “Youths won’t get power easily in politics. Only the sons of MP, MLA could get power. In my party, I intend to bring youths under 50 years of age as 60- 65% of my party members. The else 35% will be filled be sane peoples such as judges, lawyers, IPS, IAS and by the other party members with good reputation” he said.

Thirdly, the “Annaththe” actor said that he will not compete the upcoming election as CM candidate. He said that he will select an appropriate candidate to be as Chief minister and will lead his party as party leader alone. Rajinikanth displayed his political entry speech to reiterate his statement on not being a CM-aspirer. “It was not in my blood. I can’t think of being a Chief minister at all. You all know the incident that happened in 1996 where many influential people asked me to contest as CM. That is not in my mind at all. I will remain as party leader” he said.

Watch the video below :

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As soon as the video of his speech surfaced, it went viral in social media platforms. Many started reacting in various ways, including director Karthick Subbaraj. Check out some of their reactions below :

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