IVth Standard Student’s Text Books Asks Students To Kill Cat As Experiment


In the recent past, the content in many textbooks has raised serious concerns about what schoolchildren are being taught these days. This recent textbook has gone viral over the internet after it has supposedly asked the students of class IV to put two kittens in two different boxes one with hole and the other without as a part of an experiment to find out whether living things breathe.

The Class IV book for Environmental Studies titled Our Green World, while educating students on the importance of breathing, gives a practical example that shows how children can suffocate a cat to death! The experiment was on the topic ‘living things breathe’

The book reads, “no living thing can live without air for more than a few minutes.” And to explain this with an actual experiment the book says, “You can do an experiment” and asks children to put a small kittens in two wooden boxes each and cover with lids, one with holes and one without. The obvious outcome of the experiment is that “the kitten inside the box without holes has died”. All this with a living being just to teach children that living beings cannot survive without breathing.

The book has gone viral after this incident. Many a people over the world are accusing of the book as to why it had absurd experiments and why it was not edited or checked before publishing. Another incident we remember of a textbook having absurd context is when a class 12 book of the Mahrashtran State Board said that a man’s family may demand high dowry, particularly when the girl is ‘ugly’ or ‘handicapped’


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