“Kasthuri Called Me To Hotel Room” Random Guy Made Cheap Comment !! Check Her Reply !!


The core idea of the Me Too campaign is to allow the survivor to speak up, and to listen. This requires a safe space to vent, where support will be unconditional. Sadly, such is not the case in the Tamil Twitterverse.

Samantha Akkineni, Varalaxmi Saratkumar and Siddharth. That’s about all of the celebrity voices from the Tamil film industry to come out in support of Chinmayi’s tweets against Vairamuthu.

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Both Samantha and Siddharth are seen as outsiders in the Tamil film industry, since they both work extensively in Telugu cinema as well.

Of all their tweets, Siddharth alone named Vairamuthu in his tweet and asked for an investigation and action to be taken.

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It was only on Sunday, six days after Chinmayi’s tweet, that Vishal, who is now the head of the Film Producer’s Council, expressed his solidarity with the movement.

On these allegations Vairamuthu  added that for the past week he had been in discussions with a legal team, and claimed he had strong evidence ready now. “If you decide to file a case, I am ready to face it. I request people not to judge me now, not to decide if I’m a good person or not, and instead let the courts decide first,” he said.

Now Actress Kasthuri who is known for her controversial tweets in from her official twitter account involved in a parody conversation with a random twitter user. The twitter user made a cheap comment against Kasthuri posing himself as a MeToo victim. But the actress handled him in a right way.

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The twitter user said “Kasthuri called me to a hotel room and offered 1 lakh to me to touch her inappropriately. I denied by saying that i can’t do it for 1 hour” :

For this tweet Kasthuri shit him down like a pro by tweeting “Even while saying a lie, this guy blabbered the truth. He could not do it. He must admit it. ain’t he ?? These kind of people spoiling Rajini’s name and don’t know how many remains !!” :

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For their conversation she received hilarious reactions from her followers. Check out some of the selected ones here :

Following this she also attached the guy’s profile to pin point that he is spoiling the Superstar’s name :

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