Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Got Cheated By This Man !!


Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who is known for her presence in media. The multi talented artist today, has came up with an accusation against an individual saying that she got cheated by him. Lakshmi who is very much active in the micro blogging social media site, has posted screenshots of the conversations with that man.

The actress has alleged that the man who is a mediator in film business bought her brand new hard disk by promising that he would complete dubbing of her film “House owner” in other languages and didn’t return it. In the series of her tweets, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan has said that she lost her temper initially but decided not to react too much for it. Prem, the mediator even bought the content of her film as well.

The tweet of Lakshmi Ramakrishnan read “One Mr Prem , a mediator for film business, took us for a ride right royally!! I lost my temper initially and blasted him, but then I thought over it and decided not to waste my time. It is my fault that I allowed myself to be cheated😂😂Awesome talent👌”

Check out the screenshot she posted :


Check out the tweets of the filmmaker below :

While replying to one of a follower, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan revealed the identity of the mediator as well.

Arohanam, Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe, Ammani, House Owner are the films directed by Lakshmi in her directorial career which started in 2012. Recently, for participating in the directors discussion conducted by Film Companion South, Lakshmi found herself amidst controversy. However she ended the issue by releasing a video. (Also Read : Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Blasts At Trolls & Abuses !!)


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