Last Few Days For The Start Of Season 6… Expectation Are Sky High Whether Jon Snow Is ALIVE OR NOT??

Is Jon Snow really
going to become a White Walker?

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When JON SNOW died, a part of us died along
with him, isn’t it?! Season 5 ended with such an epic season where Jon Snow was
stabbed by the Night watch people,
even by Olly, as they thought he had
betrayed them by making  peace with the Wildlings.

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But we soon
had inklings that he is not dead. After
which there were a lot of scenarios that fans came up with. One such strong
case will be where Jon resurrects as a White
(We’re basically gonna lose our shit seeing this).
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But who can
forget the epic-shit fight scene with the White Walker when Snow was alive. Is
it possible that he can become one of them??
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this point, the Teaser Poster showed Jon Snow having risen.
But following
closely came ‘The Wall of Faces’ with
Jon’s face which left us hanging off the cliff. What do we assume from this?
Has our hope of his coming back gone to ashes? Or is this just a transition
period? (Phewww..)
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And then
there are the round of posters which shows Jon Snow as a White Walker. They are
definitely fan-made but looks so promising and the only way which seems to be
possible to get him back! (If that’s how we get Snow back, then so be it!)
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Jon Snow
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If this
theory seems right and Snow does become a White Walker, we’re in for a totally
engrossing new episode of GoT!
Imagine things happening at The Wall.  Will Snow save The Night Watchers or be an
White Walker and lead the army! (I’m biting my nails already!)
Jon Snow
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Oh by the
way, this does seem legit isn’t it!! GoT is all about ‘Fire and Ice’ and  someone
has to fulfil that criteria. Join the dots and you’ll know what I mean! But
anything can happen and that leaves us with – YOU KNOW NOTHING, GoT FANS!!

April 24th, come soon already!! :/


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