Legendary Filmmaker K Bhagyaraj’s Comment On Women’s Consent Created Outrage !!


Legendary Tamil filmmaker K Bhagyaraj teamed up with Netflix for a sketch comedy video to promote “Sex education”, a British Drama. He has been addressing about how the Tamil society failed to normalize “Sex” and about breaking the taboo on talking about sex in front of children. In the videos that were released in the youtube channel of Netflix, K.Bhagyaraj urges people to talk about sex and educate children about the same in order avoid harms and crimes based on sex.

While the videos are trending in the online platforms with people lauding the filmmaker for the initiative he took part in, an old video of himself talking about women’s “consent” in “rapes” resurfaced with a number of online users calling out the “Munthanai Mudichu” maker. In the 7 minute long video which released on youtube, Bhagyaraj, with his four friends, talks about how to educate children about sex and normalize it among them.

Speaking from the perspective of a parent, Bhagyaraj advises his friend to how important it is for his son to carry condoms at the age of 25. He also took jibe at his own movie and questioned how long parents could avoid talking about sex to children. “No one taught us about sexually transmitted diseases back in the day but we cannot repeat the same mistake” Bhagyaraj says in the sketch video and schools about how dangerous lack of sex education.

Watch the video below :

The video received huge reception among the online audience as it garnered 1 lakh plus views with thousands of reactions from them. In the meantime, a video a of the filmmaker commenting about the consent of women in one of the old shows he took part in has created outrage against him. Bhagyaraj who could be seen judging the debate show, referred to a case handled by a famous lawyer.

“In our Coimbatore, there was one famous lawyer who happened to handle a rape case. When he was asked to save the male, he entered the court with a needle and a thread. Giving the thread to the one who was standing in the court, the lawyer asked him to insert the thread into the needle and kept shaking it. Unable to insert the thread, the man asked how could he do it while the needle was shaking. The lawyer, then said that a woman couldn’t be raped without her consent and finished the case. It became a proverb later” Bhagyaraj could be seen saying to a woman amidst hundreds of people.

Many slammed the filmmaker for his statement and Kishen Das who uploaded a tweet appreciating Bhagyaraj for taking part in the Netflix campaign to promote “Sex education” deleted his tweet. “Pulled down the tweet after I heard about what was spoken a few years back. Sorry!” he said in his tweet.

Check out some of the reactions the video received :


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