Man Asked Modi To “Smile More Often” !! Here’s What Modi Said !!


The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his wittiness and spontaneity and he once again exhibited his qualities when he gave speech in Parliament two days ago in reply to the opposition on their non-confidence motion.

The Modi government won the motion very comfortably, something that even the opposition knew before bringing the motion. The highlight of the debate was the speech of Rahul Gandhi and his sudden hug with PM Modi but a little later, he was seen winking and it gave a lot of ammunition to PM Modi to criticise him.

While giving his speech, the PM also re-enacted RaGa’s wink with his fingers and left no stone unturned in trapping the Congress President in his own setup.

The next day, PM Modi addressed a rally in Shahjahanpur, where he again attacked the opposition, especially the Congress party. People sent tweets using hashtag #PMInShahjahanpur to PM Modi for praising his efforts or giving him suggestions.

PM Modi generally doesn’t reply to Twitter users and it appears quite unusual to see that he started answering Twitterati personally.

A follower of PM Modi named Shilpi Agarwal took to Twitter and asked him to smile more often, adding that everything else is good.

Her tweet read, “Only one thing Modiji, u should smile more often!!😊 Baaki sab mast hai☺”

It’s commendable on the part of PM Modi to take the tweet in a positive way instead of thinking otherwise and getting angry. With a smile emoticon, he replied, “Point taken.”

Check out his tweet:

Another user praised his spirit of working tirelessly even at the age of 67 and wrote, “Oh..I saw our PM @narendramodi in parliament on Marathon discussion which went on till late night yesterday. Today, I switched on TV being weekend very late at around 12 Noon..could see him addressing farmers in Shajahanpur, UP.  Tireless even at 60-70s..Whav!!”

Narendra Modi gave the credit of his strength to the blessings of 125 crore Indians as he wrote, “The blessings of 125 crore Indians give me great strength. All my time is for the nation.”

Apart from these, he also applauded the essay written by a young girl over cleanliness.

Happy to read this. Please congratulate her on my behalf. Amazing to see such high levels of awareness and passion among our youngsters for Swachhata.

My daughter’s essay for school magazine got GOOD remark by her teacher. She’s elated. Inspired by #SwachhBharath 🙂@SwachhBharatApp @narendramodi
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