Manimegalai Returned To Chennai After 61 Days Due To Lockdown !!


TV anchor Manimegalai is a perfect example to state that the lockdown implemented by Indian government has changed the lives of people upside down. She who was spending her marriage life with her husband Hussain in Chennai city, got stuck in a village when the first lockdown announcement was made by PM Modi. After spending 61 days in that village without having no choice left, the duo managed to reach Chennai yesterday.

The TV star has been constantly uploading posts from that village to keep herself and her Instagram followers engaged for the past 61 days.

Check out some of her posts she uploaded from that village :

On the day before leaving the village, Manimegalai uploaded a video of having dinner with the kids of that village and cherished the moments she spent there and said that she will be visiting the village every year.

Now, as she got returned from the village, the former sun music anchor uploaded a picture of herself with her husband from the terrace of her Chennai house and wrote a message to her husband saying “Village 🌴 -> City 🌃 Vandhaachu,Inimey Enaku nee, Unakku Naa, Namakku andha cook akka 😋 Avlothan 🐒”

On seeing this picture, many of her 8 lakh followers said that she got tanned. Few even said that she became a bit fat after the visit. “enna ka ivalo karuppagitinga” asked one of her followers. Manimeghalai who is very much interactive with her followers replied to her follower by writing “konja nanja aatama aadunom village la 😃”

Here are some of her other replies :

Popular VJ Manimegalai has got hitched to her boyfriend Hussain, on December 2017, after failing to convince her father for their love. Their marriage took place at register marriage as an immediate effect of Manimegalai’s father’s reaction. However, the couple is leading a happy life since then and they are excelling in their respective field. Hussain is an assistant dance choreographer who is expected to become a choreographer in film industry soon.


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