Mauka Mauka Guy Is Back With His New AD For India vs Pakistan On March 19th

The Mauka Mauka Series is back and this time you are gonna get double the fun, and double the dhamaka….
Who do you think is gonna be on the Mauka side this time?? Will Pakistan break their curse and win? Or India will keep on showing their power… Kiska Mauka hai??
This video is back with a band, and every bit of it is smashing like a 6.. you are gonna get surprised when you see the man who is in the video… If you are guessing the same old Pak Champ is featuring in it, then bravo u are right , he has turned old and still waiting for Pakistan to win the match against India..

As an Indian, I hope the mauka is won by India… After all we bleed in blue.
Sincerely hoping the history repeats itself…
Which Mauka are you waiting for?? Which Match are you looking forward to??


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