Memes & Trolls Flooding Internet Targeting Santhanam For The Statement He Made On “Jai Bhim”


Memes and trolls making fun of actor Santhanam are flooding online platforms after the actor made a statement about the ongoing controversy on “Jai bhim” of actor Suriya. The “Parris Jayaraj” actor said that no one should make films hurting others or by degrading others. Many of the online users trolling the former comedy actor saying that the actor degraded others in most of his comedies during his earlier days.

Comedy actor Santhanam who is currently doing films as lead opened about the ongoing “Jai bhim” issue while addressing the press about his upcoming film “Sabaabathy”. The comedy actor asked his fellow makers not to degrade others while praising a particular group. He said that theatre is a place where people from all castes and religion sit together to watch a film and wanted filmmakers to keep it in mind while making movies.

While being questioned by press reporters to give his say on “Jai Bhim” controversy during the press meet of “Sabaabathy”, Santhanam said “No matter if it is ” Jai bhim” or any other film, if one decides to make a film about “Hinduism”, he could praise the religion in whatever possible ways but he shouldn’t degrade Christianity” the “A1” actor said. “We can highlight our opinion but we shouldn’t hurt others by degrading them” he added.

“It is unnecessary as cinema is something people from all the religion, caste come together to spend two hours of their time. It would be better if filmmakers stick to praising the subject they chose instead of degrading others” Santhanam further said. Watch the video below :

On knowing about the actor’s stand on the issue, a number of online users came up with tweets trolling Santhanam, pointing out the jokes he made in his films. An online user asked why Santhanam kept mum while films such as “Draupathy”, Ruthra Thaandavam” released whereas another one asked “The audacity this santhanam has to advise against #JaiBhim team. Manasatchi nu Onnu iruntha ipdi pesirupaana”

Check out some of the reactions below :

In the meantime, hashtag “We Stand With Santhanam” is also trending in the micro blogging social media site. Check out some of the reactions under the hashtag below :


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