Mohan G’s Direct Attack On Vetri Maaran !!


In a recent interaction with Vikatan magazine, Director Vetri Maaran, while talking about politics in cinema, said that there are counter films like “Draupathy” started emerging in Tamil cinema against films that speaks about Dalit politics. For this statement of the filmmaker, director of Draupathy, Mohan G, posted a tweet attacking the “Asuran” maker directly.

To the question on how Vetri Maaran sees politics getting mingled with Cinema, the filmmaker immediately responded by saying that Cinema is itself a politics with a wide laugh in his face. “You can’t do cinema without Politics. After films which speaks about Dalit politics surfaced, we can see counter films emerging with a set of people supporting it” Vetri Maran said.

“Meanwhile, a film like “Draupathy” getting released. So they are countering his films. So the filmmakers are compelled to analyze on which are the sensitive points. Not everyone are required to do it. But at least few members should think on the content they are providing. They have to think about their statements on whether they are politically correct or incorrect. We are doing it. We have to be constantly careful while portraying the female characters in our films nowadays” the filmmaker said in his statement.

“Only after the entry of Ranjith, arguments taking place in Cinema in vast number. I see it as a healthy discussion. No matter what the result is going to be but creating a debate in the society is itself healthy start is what I think” Vetri Maaran added.

From the 22 minute long video, a twitter user chopped the particular segment of Vetri talking about politics cinema and uploaded it in his twitter account by trolling the director of Mohan G, director of Draupathy. For his post, the twitter user named as “Ilanee” added a caption saying “This is the moment when Asuran thrashed the “Theechetti Draupthy”

“தீச்சட்டி திரவுபதியை அசுரன் குப்புறபோட்டு அல்லையில் மிதித்தபொழுது…” read his caption. Check out his post below :

Mohan G who saw this tweet, replied saying that Vetri Maaran is whining because he couldn’t make money any more. “The little bit of job you have is going to disappear next year. Your are going to see it Ilanee. Be ready to work” Mohan said in his reply.

Check out his reply here :

Here’s how Ilanee replied :

Comment your views on the statement made by Vetri maaran and Mohan G’s reply to it !!


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