Narendra Modi’s Comment On Clash Between India & China, Sparked Outrage !!


“No one has intruded on India’s borders nor has any post comes under anyone’s custody”, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday at an all party meeting called to discuss the clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

The Prime minister further added that the entire country is hurt and angry at the steps taken by China at the Line of actual control or LAC. “Twenty of our braveheart were martyred in Ladakh but not before they taught a lesson to those who raised an eye at Bharat Mata” he said. “I want to assure you that our forces will spare no effort to protect our nation. Today, we have the capability that no one can look at even an inch of our territory” PM Modi said.

“While we have given a free hand to our armed forces, diplomatically too we have made our stand clear to China. India wants peace and friendship but protecting its sovereignty is Supreme. Because of new infrastructure, especially along the LAC, our patrolling capability has gone up. Because of that alertness has gone up and events happening on the LAC are being reported” he said. He added that the sacrifices of the Indian soldiers would not go vain and India, while peace loving, is capable of giving a fitting reply if provoked.

However, majority people in social media questioned the statements provided by the PM. The way PM said that “No outsiders was inside Indian territory in Ladakh” might provoke China to say that Indian soldiers crossed their territory and they were killed in self defence, said one of a twitter users. As he predicted a Chinese journalist reported that the incident took place in Chinese territory.

Check out some of the reactions in social media below :

Update : A clarification has been released by the Government regarding the statement of PM Modi :


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