“Nayanthara Is Having A Good Life Because Of Me” – Tamil Actor Released Video


Actor Karthik Kumar who is known for acting in several Tamil films, is currently involved in performing stand up comedies. He who is pretty much active in social media platforms, recently released a video clip from one of his shows in his official Instagram account in which he could be seen making fun of himself about playing cameo roles in films that sacrifices girl to the protagonists. Humorously, Karthik said that even Nayanthara got a life because of him, referring to “Yaaradi Nee Mohini” film in which he played her groom. Interestingly, actress Laila who acted with him in “Kanda Naal Muthal” film commented to his post saying that they will join hands together in the sequel of Kanda Naal Muthal.

Karthik made his debut in film industry through Mani ratnam’s “Alaiypayuthe” as the female lead’s prospective suitor. It is reported that he was considered for the lead role in the film but later rejected due to lack of acting experience and young age. He later did notable characters in films such as “Kanda Naal Mudhal”, “Ninaithaale Inikum”, “Veppam”, “Yaaradi Nee Mohini” etc. In 2016, the actor announced that he is retiring from film industry due to the type of role he is getting from the makers in Kollywood.

Later, he made a career out of stand up comedy and gained a separate fan base for his skills in performing stand up comedies. He is pretty much active in social media platforms and recently added a video in his profile from one of his shows. In the clip, we could see Karthik talking about his divorce to the audience. When they remain silent, he makes fun of them saying that it is the most “Indian” reaction to divorces.

After that, he went on to troll the roles he did in his films. “People would wonder that even American groom (the role he played in Alaipayuthe).getting divorced. Others would question when did an American groom get marry ? In the history of Kollywood, no American groom got married. I myself sacrificed many girls. Shalini, Laila, Rani Mukharjee, even Nayanthara is having a good life because of me” he said with crowd erupting in laughter.

“I am a sacrificer. Even , In my marriage I was too tensed as I was terrified whether someone would come and stop the marriage saying “Niruthungaa”. Forget it, what if I walked out due to my regular habit of sacrificing my brides (in films) ?” he asked and made people laugh. Sharing the video in his Instagram account, Karthik wrote “Comicstaan season 1. #divorce #americamaapillai #nayanthara #Standupcomedy” as his caption.

On seeing this post of him, actress Laila who acted with him in “Kanda Naal Mudhal” wrote “Awww, Karthik, maybe in KNM 2 we can get back together 😉 Audience, what do you guys think?” as her caption.

Here’s the screen shot of her comment :

Nayanthara is currently involved in a live-in relation ship with her boyfriend Vignesh Shivan whereas actress Laila married a business man and has two children. Karthik divorced Radio Jockey cum Singer Suchithra in the year 2017.


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