“Neenga Brahmin Dhane?” – A Random Person Asked!! Dr. Sharmila’s Reply Impressed Her Followers!!


Dr. Sharmila has recently engaged in a heated conversation with a follower on Twitter. The follower has asked the actress if she is a brahmin. The actress without hesitation has replied to the question. A series of arguments has blossomed following her reply.

Sharmila is a doctor, anchor, and actress. She has acted in television soaps and movies in supporting roles. She has appeared in Director K Balachander’s television series like Jannal and Irandam Chaanakiyan. Dr. Sharmila has conducted shows in her initial days. In movies like Padikathavan, Kalyana Samayal Saadham, Zero, Maapillai she has acted in supporting roles.

Dr. Sharmila is quite active on Twitter. She shares lots of posts associated with the glories of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). She also shares posts that satirize the Union Government and the fanatics of BJP.

In recent days, a cold war between a few brahmins and non-brahmins has been going on especially in Tamil Nadu. With the implementation of the Non-Brahmin Priest’s scheme, the issue started bubbling up. The issue reached the next level when a video of KT Raghavan was released. In Twitter, this has been fueled.

Dr. Sharmila (@DrSharmila15) has shared a tweet with the screenshot of a stranger condemning her and BJP’s State President, Annamalai. In the screenshot of the tweet, they were cursed. “These same caste betrayers hurt definitely reap for their deed” was the content of the screenshot. However, the post has been deleted by the stranger who uploaded it.

She has sarcastically captioned her tweet with the screenshot as “I have hurt a lot. He is cursing me!”

Following this, a random user has asked her, “You are a Brahmin right?”. To this Sharmila has replied, “I am a human first. I prefer to be known and respected for my credibilities and qualities rather than my birth.” This did not come to an end with this.

The woman has further said, “Brahmin is a quality mam, not by birth. Anyone can be a brahmin”. Dr. Sharmila has replied, “Abbé….and if what you say is true then unfortunately many Brahmins themselves do not know the difference.” She has also added that treating everyone equally irrespective of birth is the first step towards upliftment.

From this, a different person took over the conversation to which Dr. Sharmila has replied without any delays. She has also said him that he is deviating from the topic. However, the conversation was taken to a different phase.

In a comment, a person has said Periyar. Dr. Sharmila ended the conversation by saying Periyar is still living in our hearts, thoughts, and actions. Also in few comments, people have praised Dr. Sharmila.


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