NEW FEATURE ALERT – WhatsApp includes BOLD and ITALICS in formatting options!

Now you can make your
texts BOLD and ITALICS in WhatsApp !!

WhatsApp bold and italics 2
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WhatsApp has
introduced some new features for Android users. The new update allows users to
type the text in bold and italic. This feature helps when one wishes to
highlight something important in a conversation.
 It has
not included a separate key toggle to for this feature instead it lets you use
symbols before and after the word.  Users can now type text within messages in italics and
bold. This feature can be used while highlighting essential parts of a text. 
When you
want to bold a particular word all you need to do is add asterisks, *word* with
the word in between. For italics you need to follow similar steps but add
underscore, _word_. This is
aimed for better readability and adds fun to the otherwise usual texting style.
When you
receive messages from someone with the latest version, their name will be
bold in the notifications shade too and the formatting of the message will
also show up.
We’re not
sure if there are plans to add additional formatting options like underlining
or strike through. But, another new ability has been added to WhatsApp document
file sharing option. Users can now share a document via Google Drive. They can
either select a PDF File, a Word document or a Power Point presentation from
Google Drive, which will then be automatically converted to PDF format before
it goes to other recipients.
changes sure seem handy for the users as they will be able to do all these
things on the go and help improvise their texting too!
Do comment
below what other formatting options you would like to see in WhatsApp soon!


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