Now, Delhi Girl Accused Her Parents In A Rape Case : Its Disheartening What The Parents Did !!


In a deplorable case emerging from the capital, it has come to light that parents of an 18-year-old girl in Delhi took bribe from the men who raped their daughter in order to “settle” the rape case. It is the courage of the girl which has forced police and others to take notice of this case as she has got her parents booked for settling the rape charge against the two accused and forcing the victim to withdraw the case for Rs 20 lakh. The girl has alleged that she was raped in August in the year 2017.

Showing exemplary courage, The girl says she was raped in August 2017, after which the accused were arrested. One of them, out on interim bail, approached the girl’s parents and offered them Rs 20 lakh if they could convince their daughter to change her statement and withdraw the case. Shockingly, the parents accepted the offer and started pressuring the girl to take back the case. When the girl protested against this, the parents beat her and tortured her says the victim. The parents took an advance of Rs 5 lakh to withdraw the rape case of their daughter. But the girl, who refused to bow down to this injustice, where the advance of Rs 5 lakh was kept in the house and took it to the police. The police has arrested the mother of the victim but the father is missing as he has run away.

The girl approached the police on Tuesday and narrated her ordeal. She told them she was raped by two men who were unknown to her.

“They had kidnapped me after which they raped me and left me at an abandoned spot,” a police official quoted the girl as saying. The girl added that the accused who was out on bail, Sunil Shahi, approached her parents on April 8 and made this offer to them.

She said her parents did not once disapprove of the offer and, instead, asked for advance money so that they could start working on convincing the girl.

The victim told the police that she was in her room when her parents met Shahi and heard the entire conversation. She said that as soon as Shahi left her house, she went up to her parents to ask for justification. Instead, they tried to convince her to give a false statement.

“I completely denied taking back the case, but my parents didn’t back out either. They kept trying to convince me and I stuck to my stand. The next morning they thrashed me and blackmailed me, saying that they were poor and needed that money,” she said in her complaint.

She said that after thrashing her for a while, someone came to their house to hand them Rs 5 lakh as advance money. Her parents hid that money beneath the bed and left for court.


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