Now You Can Donate Money To The Charity By Watching Porn In This Website.. Check It Out!


Adam Lee and James Cook thought of a brilliant idea which will help us feel better after we watch porn, and it is not because you just orgasmed but also because you can now donate to three charities after you do.

After every video you watch, the site will donate a penny to charity.

So you know that you’ve done something good while doing yourself.

The money that will come their way after you do, is going to given to Movember Foundation for prostate and testicular cancer, the Joyful Heart Foundation for sexual assault victims and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund which researches ovarian cancer.

These idea came to Lee and Cook while they were drunk one night as Stanford frats.

Now that’s a productive night. Their original idea however, was not about porn. It was to make a Tinder for lunch so no one has to eat lunch alone if they don’t want to (we hope they are still working on the lunch idea?). So they went from lunch to porn – it’s the whole sex v/s food debate from FRIENDS and in their case, sex won.
The question of what if it doesn’t work – how could it not though – came to them and so they decided to test out the site anonymously. Obviously, the people came and came, and they raised more than $1,000 “in a very short time.” Here’s what Lee said, “You can do the math on how many scenes were viewed, but that gave us the confidence to move forward.”
At the moment however, the money is going from Lee and Cook’s own pockets, until they get sponsors, which they are hoping will be soon. They are also hoping to donate millions of dollars every year, which will hardly be a problem.
People who go on the website will be allowed two videos per day, with a 15 minute break between the two, to you know get their breath back, take a nap, etc.
Not the worst way to get off, huh?!


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