Open letter to The Goverment By Sairam Engg College Students

We Are Not Fighting For The Dress Codes But For The Basic Freedom We Wish To Have

Here is the English translation for the people who did not understand..
1 The College
Management  Must  Allow The Students To The College As Before ,
Who Got Arrested For Protesting Due To This Issue. The Management Must Also
Ensure That They Would Not Trouble The Students In Their Studies In Near Future
2 Mr.Balu
Must Circulate A Circular Stating Sorry For Teasing The Students Who Tried To
Commit Suicide In The  Hostel
3. Mr.Balu
Who Has Been Treating The Fellow Students, Girls And Staffs In A Bad Manner,
Must Resign From All Part Of The College Administration
4. Must
Unban The Rules Laid On Eating Non Veg
5. We Are
Ready To Follow The Rules Of Anna University Provided If They Remove All The Rules
Which Affects The Personal Rights And Feelings 
Of An Individual
6. Mr.Balu
Must Apologize  For Overlooking Our
Personal Conversation In Facebook  Which
Creates A Deep Depression Inside Us
7.  Parents Must Not Asked To Report In College
Unless Ita A Big Issue, And They Must Be Treated Properly
8. Must
Remove The Floor Monitors Who Acts As Thugs
9. Anna
University Must Appoint A Student Representative
10. What
Rights Does Sairam College Has To Snatch An Individual Rights ?
11. Human
Rights Must Interfere In This Issue


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