Peculiar Food Items In India That Will Make You Crave !!!


The traditional food of India has been widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided into South Indian & North Indian Cuisine. India is quite famous for its diverse multi cuisine available in a large number of restaurants and hotel resorts, which is reminiscent of unity in diversity. The staple food in India includes wheat, rice and pulses with chana (Bengal Gram) being the most important one. In modern times Indian pallete has undergone a lot of change. Now we are about to pick the images of food items that you may not able see everywhere in India but we are damn sure that you will entice you to eat right away !!

10. Spicy Desi Style Chicken Roast

9. Baked Nachos

8. Iyengar Bakery Style Masala Toast

7. Dahi Vada

6. Tikka Botis

5. Chicken Tangri Kebab

4. Zuchchini Kofta

3. Chicken and Red Pepper Panini

2. Chicken Malai Tikka

1. An Oak Baked Indian Spicy




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