People Across The World Mourning For Grand Pa Kitchen Fame Grand Pa’s Demise !! HEART-BREAKING !!


The popular “Grand pa” of “Grand pa Kitchen”, Narayana Reddy is no more. Being India’s favourite youtuber, Narayana Reddy, is known for making delicious meal and for providing it to the unprivileged children and orphans.


The 73-year-old had more than six million subscribers on YouTube. Grandpa would cook everything, from potato wedges to burgers to biryani for the younger lot. The news has shattered fans from India & abroad, as they take to Twitter to mourn his death. Reddy’s iconic one-line, ‘Loving, caring, sharing. This is my family,” at the start of each of his video, will always be remembered.

Here’s some of the tweets on the demise of “Grandpa” :

Started in 2017, “Grandpa Kitchen” found viewers from all over the world who loved to watch Grandpa cook massive portions of meal in just one sitting. Often seen amid a calm backdrop of lush, green fields, his seemingly modest approach to cooking earned Grandpa great popularity on YouTube.

Watch this heart melting video from one of his follower :

‘We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans’, the bio on Grandpa Kitchen’s Patreon account read.

Let us pray for Grand pa’s soul to rest in peace !!


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