Pics that show that engineers can nail any goddamn thing like a pro!

And who said Engineers
aren’t brainy 😉

all it takes is a little bit of out-of-the-box
thinking and voila, you can have all the luxury at the lowest of costs! 😛
Here are
some of the engineers who totally nailed it with their creative thinking. It
may seen funny AF but it totally works! So what’s the prob!!
Am sure some
of you are gonna definitely try after seeing these!
Well, who has got the money for all
the painting work again!

Hand sanitizer stand? Just stick it,
will ya?!

Ok, the couch already cost a bomb! Am
not replacing it..

All it takes is a wooden plank to
make it a ROCKING chair!

Broke the blade’s handle? No worries.
Fork to the rescue!

Nothing like a good drawing that
can’t fix the damage!

No more shower knob. Alrightyyy we’ve
the bottle for the cause!

When oven becomes a extravaganza, we
just have the Iron to do the job!

Gear or beer? Well can be used to
shift from 1-5!

Tape cup holder! Genius way..

Plugs mountain.. cause I’m an

Blending with scissors and driller..
and there’s the perfect combo now!

Ha Ha,
aren’t these fabulous! 😉


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