Pokemon Go Fever Hits Chennai City As 100s Of Youngsters Assemble For India’s First Meetup @ Anna Nagar Tower Park


We all grew up fantasizing about the Pokemon World. After the launch of Pokemon Go, fans have gathered to go for a Poke Hunt and catch different pokemons in Chennai. The most common of them includes jigglypuff, bulbasaur, pikachu, squirtle, pidgey and a few others.

With the urge to catch different pokemons, everyone around the world are creating Pokemon events like PokeWalks, Pokemon Battle Ground, Poke Catch Up and many more. And one such event took place at Annanagar Tower Park.

All the people playing the game went crazy over the event. It was such a frenzy sight watching all of them go running to catch their pokemons. Seeing so many people at a place for a game was 

Being a Pokemon fan and a huge addict to Pokemon Go game, you shouldn’t miss these events happening around in our city. 


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