Police’s Reply To A Guy Who Asked Girl’s Phone Number Wins Internet !!


The twitter handles of police administrations in Indian country are very much known for their witty replies to the citizens, especially to those who are tweeting in a way of making trouble. Recently, a girl in twitter tagged the official twitter handle of Pune police and asked for the contact number of Dhanori police station.

Her tweet read “Can I get the number of Dhanori police station please. Need urgently!”. To this tweet which was posted on the 12th of January, Pune police’s official handle immediately replied with a tweet by providing her the contact number of Dhanori police.

Check out her tweet here :

The reply of of Pune police read “Yes madam, this is 020- 27171190 dhanori police chowki contact number.” Here’s the reply :

This quick response from the twitter handle received many positive reactions from the users of the micro blogging social media site. Meanwhile a user named as “Chiklu” replied in the comment section of the Pune Police’s tweet by asking the contact number of the girl by whom it all started.

He had the courage to write “can i get her number please ?” in his reply tweet of Pune Police.

In a way of responding to this tweet, they posted a reply to Chiklu which received more than fifteen thousand loves so far. The Pune Police asked Chiklu to send his phone number in direct message. They wrote “Sir, we are more interested in your number currently, to understand your interest in the lady’s number. You may DM. We respect privacy.”

Here’s their reply :

This tweet also received hilarious reactions from the users of all direction in Twitter. Another user said that Chiklu is a potential eve teaser who should get beaten in public to which Pune Police said that he must be kidding. They requested the tweeter not to make another irresponsible tweet in an attempt of getting him a punishment.

Here’s the conversation :

Meanwhile Chiklu also replied to the tweet of Pune police. He says that he just wanted to help the girl but police took it to another direction.

What do you think on this reply of Pune Police going viral across the country ?? Comment your views below !!


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