Postpone The Protest-Karthikeyan Sivasenathipathy


The protest has taken an interesting turn now. From what started as a bunch of people raising slogan against the ban on Jallikattu, the slogans turned into voices, the voices made us to protest, the protest grew into a revolt and the revolt has now become a revolution.

The count on Marina alone, has grown up to a million now, and healthily, the support keeps on increasing. And right now, the protest has taken a weird turn which none of us know where it is headed to.

Around evening, Adhi a.k.a Hip Hop Thamizhan said he has decided to withdraw from the protest after mentioning that the protest has taken a wrong turn owing to the influence of some anti-social elements. His video on Facebook has went viral pretty much everywhere where he clearly stated that he decides to opt out of the protest, but would continue to raise voices against the ban of Jallikattu.


But the press meet at the Chennai Press Club featuring Karthikeyan Sivasenathipathy and few others have put the protesters at a weird stage, wondering what’s going on behind scenes. None of us are able to come to a conclusion as to what’s happening but the major protesters have asked us students to postpone the protest to after March 31, owing us to believe in their stand.

The decision from big shots as considered in the movement was taken after their meeting with the Prime Minister and the President. They are voicing together to move the protest after March 31 stating that the current temporary ordinance is hard to be over ruled itself and the State Government is expected to make it a permanent law soon. It is expected to be debated in the assembly which starts by Tomorrow. They’ve also put forth a statement in which the Chief Minister has said to trust in the law. They’ve also quoted that the center would make a move against PETA, so as to respect the emotions of Thamizhargal. When that would be a good move, if done it still puts us into a dilemma as to whether we have won? Or is there something more than that, which would never be solved.

What would be the backdrop of this move is a puzzling scenario itself and would only be solved as the time moves on. For more information on the press meet you could tune into the news channels as they are telecasting it live. The recorded video would be posted as soon as it is available.
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