Pregnant Woman Murders Lover’s 4-Year-Old Daughter To Acquire His Property


A pregnant woman allegedly killed a four- year- old girl in order to acquire his property of her father with whom she had an extra- marital relationship.

Police said the accused Asha, 30, was alone with Goshika in the house on Chennai’s outskirts in Kundrathur when she forced the child’s head into a bucket full of water and killed her.

Asha, was in an extra-marital relationship with Goshika’s father, Dharmalingam, 32, An advocate by profession.  She got pregnant by Dharmalingam. She allegedly killed the girl, as he told that all his property will inherit all of his property and not Asha’s child.

“Recently, Asha learnt she was pregnant with Dharmalingam’s child and informed him. The duo had a fight and Dharmalingam told he would give all his property only to his daughter Goshika. Angered by this, on Sunday when Asha and the child were alone at home, she allegedly plunged the child’s head into a bucket full of water and killed her,” said the police officer investigating the case.

Dharmalingam was married to Jayanthi, five years ago and the couple had had a baby, a year after their marriage. Asha, divorcee also stayed in his house, after they moved into a relationship.

Dharmalingam who had gone to meet a client had returned home at around 7 pm and found the child unconscious and informed Jayanthi. The child was rushed to the hospital where they declared her brought dead.

Asha has been arrested and further investigations are on.


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