10 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose Sai Ram Engineering College!

There are reasons why
you should join a college, then there are reasons why you definitely

Times of
choosing a college based on the merits have been gone by the past. Now, choose
by seeing the atrocities committed by private colleges. What with the 12th
board exam finishing around the corner, it is high time you base your decisions
well and don’t regret later!
Sai Ram Engineering
college, which is in the news for the latest scandal for a suicide case of a
student Abinath, has the following valid reasons for why you shouldn’t choose
it to start your engineering foundation here.
1. You can’t talk to the opposite

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Did you
think you can rock your college life and make a lot of friends from the
opposite gender? Kindly forget it. It’s a ‘THEIVA KUTHAM’ according to the
college management. You can’t talk in class, campus, bus andddddd outside the
college as well. You’ll be under constant watch, so no escaping!
Dude, we’ve separate staircase for
all we care!

2. You should follow absurd dress code.

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Seen movies
and adorned your wardrobe with new clothes for new college life, have you?
Kindly go and throw them away. All you’re supposed to wear is formals for the
guys, and ‘[email protected]%$^&$ rules’ based dress for the girls.
Why can’t they just bring in uniform
like school??

3. You can’t use any electronic

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You should
basically forget that our world has evolved by the usage of electronic devices.
Be a pathetic naive human and stop using cell phones, laptops and desktops. Oh,
even the pen drive for that matter. Not even in the hostel.
Wonder how students can do any

4. You will be under the control of
the idiotic goons.

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Surprise!! There will be these goons watching over you, wherever you go,
whatever you do. Even when you go to the loo. Lovely isn’t it? One wrong step
and you’ll be given a special treatment of lathi beatings in a black room.
Beware, cause they maybe Dominants.
What with all the beatings otherwise!

5. You can’t have any accounts on
social media.

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Please get
some partial amnesia and forget that social platforms like Facebook, Twitter,
Intsagram, Whatsapp exist. You can’t use them. And if you do, your account will
be logged in and your privacy will be scrutinised.
Okay. They’re definitely making you a
sociopath now!

6. You have to keep paying fine.

Image result for all my money's gone in fine
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Be prepared
to shell out all your pocket money on the fines these people put. Sorry not
sorry, but you’ll end up paying fines for all the silly reasons that you can
think of.
Breathe. And you have to pay fine!

7. Your phone calls will be

Image result for WTF no phone
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When you
thought that phone calls will come to your rescue cause they made a rule that
boys and girls can’t talk in college. That’s where you are WRONG! You can’t
talk from the hostel phones without the goons over-hearing the calls you make.
Privacy? What privacy? Didn’t you
read the statement of agreement before joining the college?

8. You can’t have more than three

Image result for no arrears
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For all
those who planned to enjoy your seven semesters and thought of clearing your
papers by the 8th semester, you are SCREWED big time! If you have more than
three arrears in a semester, you won’t be allowed to sit for the remaining sem
exams at all!

Cause clearly, you’re not fit to
write the exam if you have a whopping number of arrears list!

9. Your parents will be abused too.

Image result for verbal abuse meme
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When you
came to terms with all the absurdities of the college and decided to embrace
it, that’s when they will knock you over by calling your parents. Mind you,
they should come in formals too, but only to get verbally abused at.
Maybe, just maybe, someone can take
them a class on giving respect first!

10. You can’t take up campus
interview if you don’t follow any of the above mentioned rule.

image source

Get one
black mark by not following any of the so-called great rules and you’re
finished for life. You wouldn’t be allowed for campus placements and basically
they will just prove that the four years you spent in the hell is utter waste!
Just *facepalm*.. You ruined your
life yourself!

Firstly we
request you to understand that a student’s life is a lot more than all this.
There are so many other significant criteria for running a college and making
it a better place for shaping up a student’s career and life. Just by imposing
these unethical rules you can’t achieve anything nor can you give a bright
future for the students.

Also, we
request the parents to choose a suitable college for their kids rather than
just going by these false advertisements of private colleges. Give your
children a happy and growing place to study, not a moron-driven money-minded
and worthless place of a hell. 


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