RJ Balaji & Siddarth Team tirelessly working for #ChennaiRainsHelp

Most of the people know him as “Cross Talk” RJ Balaji. But less only know that he’s a generous man who has been lending out his help for the past one week 24*7. We are not sure,if he has slept in past days.

Siddarth well known actor and he has been voicing for chennai people from the start.
Both lashed the so called “national media” for not covering the chennai floods and people’s agony.
He also lashed the actor’s “veriyan” base for being mute.
He utilized the BIG FM office and totally converted the office into a “Mini Flood Relief and Communication Center”. He went on to establish groups in other parts of city. 
During the relief works, the Wifi connection at BIG office got cut. He asked for people to repair. But due to heavy rain,no one was there to help. So,that’s what he did  –
Both siddarth and balaji collected all the relief materials and stocked all of those in the BIG Fm office.
The first day,they called out for students volunteer. But they got 100 volunteers(more than expected!)
He had to kindly ask some people to provide their volunteering individually and encouraged them to do more relief works
On the second day, he again invited all the people to volunteer the relief works.

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He also encouraged people to come and pickup the relief materials which was stocked at BIG office.

Both siddarth and RJ Balaji reached twice the people than they expected.
At the end of the day, both were totally out of physical strength. But still they were mentally ready for the next day’s Relief work.
He also rectified the rumor… But he does have a heart worth more than crores ! 


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