Roshini Priyan’s First Video After Removing Herself From “Bharathi Kannamma” !!


Roshini Priyan who played “Kannamma” in the widely watched Vijay TV serial “Bharathi Kannamma” came up with a video in her official Instagram handle, after removing herself from the serial which is running for nearly three long years. In the 18 seconds long video, Roshini apologized to those who got hurt by the decision she made about continuing as “Kannamma” in the serial. She also sought the support of her followers through the short video.

New promo of the serial suggested model Vinusha as the new “Kannamma”. She made her entry in the Monday episode. In a court scene where everyone were waiting to Kannamma to make her presence, Vinusha entered with “Doctor” background music rolling behind. A subtitle suggesting that Vinusha will continue as “Kannamma” appeared at the end the Monday episode. A separate promo replacing Vinusha with Roshini was made and was released for the audience.

Watch the promo below :

“Bharathi Kannamma” is one of the widely watched serials that is being streamed on Vijay Television in the weekdays. The serial which enjoys genuine followers, also getting subjected to trolls every now and then, due to the decisions of the lead characters. Bharathi, the male lead doubts his wife of cheating him and refuses to live with her whereas Kannamma, the female lead decides to live away from him to prove that she could lead a life without his financial support.

Recent promo showed new Kannamma entering the court with the presence of Bharathi and her in-laws. Here’s the latest promo of new promo :

Now, former “Kannamma” Roshini came up with a video in her official Instagram handle where she enjoys 9 lakh followers. “Hi, How are you everyone ? I couldn’t continue in “Bharathi Kannamma” for few reasons” Roshini Priyan said during the start of the video and went on to apologize to her followers for making the decision of relieving from the serial.

“If the decision I made hurt you, I truly apologize to you all. I couldn’t have reached this height without you all. I hope that you people will support me in the future as well. Thank you so much” Roshini added. “அன்பிற்கு நன்றி” caption of her post read.

Check out the video below :


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