Sachin Tendulkar’s Reply To Ajinkya Rahane Receiving Hilarious Reactions !!


Not a surprise that Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most followed icon in social media. Having more than 3 crore followers in Twitter, the cricketer is very much active in the micro blogging social media site. Now one of his reply to his former colleague Ajinkya Rahane has received wide attention.

Ajinkya Rahane posted a picture of himself eating “Vada Pav” and asked his followers on how do they like their Vada Pav. His tweet read “How do you like your vada pav? 😋

  1. Vada pav with chai
  2. Vada pav with chutney
  3. Just Vada pav”

Check out his tweet below :

Sachin Tendulkar replied to this tweet by answering to his question. The legendary cricketer wrote “I like my Vada Pav with red chutney, very little green chutney & some imli chutney to make the combination even better👍”

Check out his reply here :

This reply from the cricketer received many reactions from the users of Twitter. Most of them replied to this tweet in a way of trolling the cricketer. As JNU protest instigated celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Anurag Kashyap to voice out, this tweet from the cricketer disappointed many of his fans and followers. “The country is in shambles, and this man is only concerned about his vada pav. I mean WOW!The people of India have supported you for so many years, now it’s time you speak for them in their support!”

Check out some of their comments below :

On 10 October 2013 Tendulkar announced that he would retire from all cricket after the two-Test series against West Indies in November. At his request, the BCCI arranged that the two matches be played at Kolkata and Mumbai so that the farewell would happen at his home ground. What do you think on these reactions received by the Master Blaster ?? Comment your views below !!


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