“Shaariq-Aishwarya Are Pure & Have Nothing In Heart” Said Gayathri Raguram !! Got Thrashed By Fans !!


The Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 has become the talk of the town for a variety of reasons. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is the hottest and most controversial show on the small screen today. Just like the first season, the second/current season too, features several twists and a host of interesting contestants. However, the action is a lot wilder this time around. And, it seems that things will become even raunchier in the days to come. With Bigg Boss Season 2 in full swing, here is a look at what happened on Day 16.

Currently Bigg Boss housemates are worried about Ponnambalam and Tuesday’s episode began with Janani and Vaishnavi who spoke about who may get eliminated in the coming week. Vaishnavi then recounted an incident where Ponnambalam comment was double meaning. She said she told him it was this behaviour that got him jailed in the house.

The Bigg Boss then sent the task for luxury budget this week. The housemates were split into police, thieves and the public. Mahat, Senrayan and Mumtaz became the police. Yaashika, Aishwarya and Daniel became thieves and the rest of the housemates are public. When the housemates were getting instructions, Mahat walked out.

Initially the housemates began to play the game with enthusiasm, however, the ongoing issue of Mahat speaking an abusive word and Ponnambalam using innuendo distracted them.

Yaashika also told Mahat that Nithya felt his use of abusive words was equal to what Balaji did a week ago. She also said that she tried to explain that they had a comfort zone where they abused each other playfully and it didn’t matter, however, this didn’t stop here. Balaji discussed this with Ponnambalam and Yaashika is annoyed that whenever Mahat loses his temper, everyone thinks it’s her fault. Towards the end of the episode, she explained to Mahat that they need to concentrate on the game instead of standing up for each other. She is also sure that she is the one going home this weekend.

Meanwhile, Gayathri Raguram, the controversial contestant of previous season felt that the participants of this season who got into the problem for being in the same bed had no bad intuition and only friends.

Shariq and Aishwarya are the people who got into this issue to which Ponnambalam reacted and went to jail now. It is also notable that Shaariq confessed to Yaashika what all happened between him and Aishwarya which will clearly denote that they had something between them beyond love.

To see shariq’s confession click the link below :

Shaariq Opens Everything That “Secretly” Happened Between Him & Aishwarya To Yaashika !! SHOCKING !!

Now the statement from the Actress/Dancer Gayathri Raguram created hatred against her among the fans. Check out her tweet below :

Check out the fans reaction for her statement :

Whats your opinion on her statement ??


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