Shocking Fine Amount For Lorry Drivers With “Lungi” !! UNBELIEVABLE !!


The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act has waded into controversy with multiple states accusing the Centre of burdening the common man with heavy fines. The Act, which came into effect from September 1, aims at stricter punishment for violation of traffic regulations and to bring discipline on roads.

From higher penalties for driving errors to imprisonment up to one month for racing and speeding; and up to six months for offences relating to accidents, the new Act is bringing back things in order by instilling fear. Some of the penalty amounts have even crossed the Rs 80,000 mark.

Now to our shock, even Lungi, a comfortable wear of men across India has been came under scanner it seems. Uttar Pradesh truck drivers in the state will have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 if they are caught by traffic officials wearing a lungi or a banyan (vest), reported The Times Of India.

The steep penalty, which comes under the new provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, aims to implement a strict dress code that has been in existence for decades. However, it was never enforced until now.

From now on, truck drivers in Uttar Pradesh will be required to wear full-length pants with shirts or t-shirts. They must wear shoes when they are driving their vehicle. The new rules are also being applied to uniforms of drivers of all school vehicles in the state.

“Now, a fine of Rs 2,000 will be imposed for dress code violation under Section 179 of the MV Act, 2019,” Poornendu Singh, ASP(Traffic), told the newspaper. He added that the dress code has been part of the Motor Vehicles Act since 1939.

The amended Motor Vehicles Act gave states power to formulate new traffic rules to ensure safety and penalise drivers who violated rules, additional transport commissioner of UP, Gangaphal, told TOI.

Going by the report of News 18, Additional Transport Commissioner (UP) Gangaphal said that the new Act gives powers top the states to introduce safety rules and impose hefty fines in case of violation. He said that “lungi-vest” will be unacceptable in view of the dress code. “The rule will be for everyone, even if it is a government vehicle driver,” he added.

Lungi is originating from the Indian subcontinent and it is used across the country when the heat and humidity create an unpleasant climate for trousers.

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