Shocking : Major Accident Happens At The Chennai Airport For The 64th Time! Check Out What It Is..

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On Wednesday, there was another crash of glass at the Chennai Airport. This is not the first time such thing is happening. Sixty-three times at last count.
Though this time, according to the airport, it was a passenger’s fault and what broke was a glass door. The passenger had broken a money exchanger glass door and it was that sound which was heard. Airport Director Deepak Shastri said the falling glass sighting was a rumour.
The phenomenon was first noticed in 2013 and authorities are at a loss for explanations. And has been consistently happening in an airport that modelled after London’s Heathrow terminal.
Despite being renovated just four years ago, the Chennai airport has witnessed 61 incidents of glass panels falling off since then! 
In fact, the first case of a panel of a glass panel falling took place just six months after the renovation, and it has recurred multiple times since. Obviously, this poses a grave danger to travellers.
The country’s highest human rights body – the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) had already issued notices against the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Airport Authority of India after SK Saamy, a Supreme Court lawyer had filed a petition when the glass ceiling fell for the 61st time.
We only hope the concerned authorities take the required action soon. This is a matter of safety for the people, and the sooner it’s done, the better! 


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