Sj Surya’s Reply To The “Ramasamy” Controversy Caused Hilarious Reactions !!


SJ Suriya’s reaction to the ongoing controversy regarding his recently released “Nenjam Marappathillai” caused hilarious reactions from the users of Twitter. The actor, reacting to a meme, dropped laughing emojis and surprised fans as one the other side, Selvaraghavan has became a victim of massive online troll for an answer he provided in an interaction with Film companion South’s Baradwaj rangan.

To promote his film, director Selvaraghavan has been appearing in interaction with youtube channels. Baradwaj Rangan, while interviewing the 44 year old filmmaker, asked whether naming the character of S.J Suryah as “Ramasamy” is a veiled commentary on the revolutionary reformer Periya. It is very well known that the leader who is an atheist, stood against superstition and denied the existence of God. In the film “Nenjam Marappathillai”, Regina was portrayed as a God and “Ramasamy” as evil.

When Barad asked the question, the filmmaker, after a brief pause, nodded “Yes”. The particular clip went viral in social media platforms with the followers of Periyaar slamming the filmmaker.

After seeing the reactions in social media, the filmmaker came up with a tweet saying that didn’t understand what Barad asked and regretted for not being careful while answering. “I only understood the question after you people pointed it out to me. I should have been careful. Sorry” he said in his tweet.

This explanation from the filmmaker didn’t convince the followers of Periyar and filmmaker, has now became a victim of massive online troll. Check out some of the reactions that were surfaced against Selvaraghavan after his explanation :

Now, reacting to these memes and trolls in social media, actor SJ Suryah shared a meme which was made from the template of his own film and dropped laughing emojis. The meme showed the actor saying “Too much of decoding is a trouble”

Check out the tweet of SJ Surya below :

Check out some of the reactions for this tweet of SJ Suryah :


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